RSLWA's Mission

To provide assistance and care for serving and ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Force, along with their dependants.

To assist current and ex-serving personnel and their dependants to secure compensation, benefits and assistance that they are eligible to receive under the order of law.

To support and assist current serving personnel of the Australian Defence Force at home, abroad and those transitioning to civilian life.

To contribute to the preservation of the memory, honour and records of those who suffered and died for their country while serving in the Australian Defence Force

RSLWA's Vision

Recently the RSLWA Board of Directors held a strategic workshop that set out the organisation’s vision and strategies for the next three years.

The vision is that, by the end of 2024, RSLWA will provide a full suite of sustainable and relevant support and services to veterans and their families whilst continuing to enjoy the full confidence of all stakeholders.

Key objectives to deliver on improved and better services are to:

  • Increase engagement with veterans and their families.
  • Ensure RSLWA is sustainable for future generations.
  • Redefine RSLWA as relevant, agile, integrated and inclusive.
  • Ensure financial sustainability and profitability.

RSLWA is dedicated to attracting and growing cohorts of younger (contemporary) Veterans to an organisation that is innovative and trusted. By working more collaboratively with other Ex-Service Organisations RSLWA can establish new programs and improve pathways to deliver better services for Veterans and their families throughout Western Australia.