RSLWA Partners With The Celtic Club


I am pleased to advise that a new partnership has been forged between RSLWA and the highly respected The Celtic Club.

As you know, RSLWA is operating in leased accommodation while we redevelop the site upon which the old ANZAC House was situated. It is anticipated the build will not be complete until the first half of 2020.

A consequence of our move to 66 St Georges Terrace, Perth, is that we do not have a social amenity such as that enjoyed at the old ANZAC Club which was well regarded and patronised by members and their guests.

As such, I have held discussions on RSLWA’s behalf with The Celtic Club and Committee and am very pleased to announce that, effectively immediately, all financial Service Members of RSLWA will be afforded reciprocal rights till 30 June 2020 on the following terms and conditions:

  1. Reciprocal rights would be Life or Service Members and RSLWA State Branch personnel only. The Celtic Club is informed that RSLWA Service Members are those who are deemed so in our Constitution & Bylaws.
  2. RSLWA members in the Affiliate and Social categories will not qualify for reciprocal entry to the Celtic Club.
  3. Relevant to (1) and (2) above, RSLWA members will enjoy access to The Celtic Club premises at 48 Ord Street, West Perth for the purposes of use of the premises for socialising and use of the restaurant and bar facilities.
  4. Access by a RSLWA Member will be by presentation of a current RSLWA Membership Card which denotes that the Member is currently financial. No card. No entry.
  5. Celtic Club Members to be offered access to relevant RSLWA licensed premises throughout Perth Metropolitan Area and selected regional centres with Celtic Club Members enjoying RSLWA membership rates in relation to food and beverage. (Note: Not all RSLWA Sub-Branches occupy their own premises nor do they have food and beverage facilities).
  6. RSLWA Members will have the liberty of being accompanied by a maximum of three (3) guests per each individual RSLWA member. Guests must accompany the designated RSLWA Member and may not remain at the Celtic Club premises without that RSLWA Member.
  7. RSLWA Members will not have access to any other rights or privileges or membership of its own reciprocal arrangements with other clubs and entities. As such RSLWA members are not full members of the Celtic Club and cannot participate in any meetings or vote on any matters.
  8. In return, any current financial member of the Celtic Club would enjoy rights at a licensed premise of the RSLWA and its Sub-Branches subject to those persons presenting their Celtic Club Membership Card. Sub-Branches that do not wish to offer such rights will not qualify for any of its Life or Service Members taking up the reciprocal arrangements at the Celtic Club premises.
  9. Relevant to (8) above, a visiting Celtic Club member will enjoy the same rates for food and beverages as RSLWA Sub-Branch Members.
  10. RSLWA State Branch and Sub-Branches can also seek to take up opportunities to utilise the facility for functions that would require catering beyond that which can be managed by State Branch or a Sub-Branch.
  11. RSLWA persons would be required to, at a minimum, meet the dress and behavioural standards as determined by The Celtic Club from time to time. Current minimum dress and other standards are as follows:

Monday to Friday

  • Gentlemen: Smart casual attire.
  • Ladies: Smart casual attire.
  • Non-acceptable dress: denim, shorts, runners or boat shoes, sandals, no sunglasses to be worn on the head nor any male headwear.

Other Protocols

  • Mobiles: Should members need to take a call, they must do so discreetly and not impinge on the enjoyment of others.


  • Smoking is permitted in the courtyard, in the specified area only.

Opening Hours


  • The Celtic Club has strict protocols with regard to acceptable behaviour.
  • Loud, interruptive or bad language is not tolerated with offenders required to leave the premises immediately along with any of their guests.

Both the Celtic Club and RSLWA have strong historical foundations and enjoy a significant degree of respect throughout Western Australia. As such, I believe this mutual sharing of values and traditions will auger well for both organisations over the next three years and beyond.

Kind Regards,

John McCourt

Chief Executive Officer