Kings Park Brawl


The wild brawl that took place at Kings Park last Friday night was an abuse of the sanctity and peace that has been Kings Park for nearly a century.

Chief Executive Officer of RSLWA, John McCourt, said the blazoned aggression and disrespect for others demonstrated by intoxicated louts was a disgrace and not what the Perth community should ever tolerate.

Mr. McCourt said locals and visitors to WA should expect to use Kings Park in comfort and peace and not be virtual hostages to buffoon behaviour.

“West Australians over many generations cherish what Kings Park stands for – a place to relax, take the family for a picnic and, importantly commemorate those who fought and who died in past wars.

“We back the Police Commissioner in his comments of the unacceptable behaviour and we hope this was a one-off.”

The plaques ripped up to be used as weapons during the bloody brawl were in fact plaques that honour prominent and hard-working West Australians who contributed to WA’s centenary in 1929.

“But with many hundreds of plaques in Kings park honouring our war dead, it was only luck that did not see these used should the brawl have started in other locations in the park,” Mr McCourt said.

Mr McCourt said it was not for the RSLWA to dictate who uses Kings Park.

“We totally support the Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority (BGPA) in that locals and visitors are free to come and go without the sort of security other countries have had to impose.

“Out of the blue, this was a case of a toxic mix of intoxication and youthful aggression, especially late at night.”

Ahead of ANZAC Day, RSLWA has continued to work closely with the BGPA to prepare the staging of the Dawn Service at the State War Memorial including adequate security.