The RSLWA and Legacy WA have a proud history of looking after the needs of veterans and their families for many decades – and now we have teamed in a collaborative way to ‘do things better together’.

As such, we are reaching out to you to get on board with us to raise much needed funds for a growing new wave of veterans and their families, while ensuring well look after our older Veterans.

RSLWA was founded in 1916 to serve those who served. Legacy WA was founded in 1928 with a key vision of looking after partners and the children of those who served.

Now, by coming together in raising much needed funds, we speak as one voice.

2022 will see unique opportunities while we still face many challenges.

That’s why RSLWA and Legacy WA are joining forces to not only rise to the opportunities to improve lives but also strengthen support for veterans and their families to ensure they get the assistance they need and deserve.

November 2022 sees the inaugural “Veterans and Families Charity Ball”, an opportunity to help our delivery platform reach the maximum goal, ensuring our Veterans and families have a future they can rely on from trusted organisations like yours.

As a valued sponsor, your support will not only help RSLWA & Legacy WA to raise funds to continue to help Veterans and their families but also help raise your public profile. All proceeds at the Charity Ball will go to RSLWA and Legacy WA.