5 industries in demand in 2023

Looking to transition from Defence or change career as a veteran? These are the most in-demand industries in 2023.


There is no question that since the start of the pandemic, the world has changed – and so has the job market. From transitioning to remote and hybrid working to navigating new technology, the landscape will likely look different since you last held a civilian job.

But here’s the good news. As a result of the last few years, certain jobs are more in demand than ever. Now’s the time to link in with the experts at the RSL Veterans’ Employment Program to get your resume in shape, build out your personal brand and land that dream job in a secure growth industry.


The employment market in 2023


According to the Australian Government’s Labour Market Insights, website employment has risen by 4% since November 2020 to 77.8% in 2022, while unemployment has dropped to 3.4%, the lowest we have seen in recent times.

Further signs of positive employment opportunities can be seen in the National Skills Commission’s State of Australia Skills 2023: now and into the future report, which indicates that Australia anticipates a 7.8% increase in employment by November 2025.

Employment growth by industry shows the following industries to have the highest expected growth by 2026, across Australia:

  • Health care and social assistance
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services
  • Education and training
  • Accommodation and food services
  • Construction
  • Public administration and safety
  • Retail trade
  • Transport, postal and warehousing
  • Financial and insurance services
  • Administrative support services
  • Arts and recreation

When it comes to WA-specific data, specifically focused on inner Perth, the prospects for ex-veterans in WA looking to enter the civilian workforce are slightly different.


Top 5 employment growth industries in WA


Employment Growth Industry: Health Care and Social Assistance

15% of all Australian workers are employed within this industry, making it the largest employing industry across the country. Roles include nurses, diagnostics, ambulance services, childcare, and aged and residential care. For those leaving defence having worked in health-related areas like dental, medical or allied health, you can bet you have the experience that will make you stand out from other applicants.


Most in-demand jobs in healthcare

  • Registered nurses

  • Aged and disabled carers

  • Receptionists

  • Nursing support and personal carers

  • Childcare workers

Employment Growth Industry: Mining


With the majority of Australia’s mining roles found in Western Australia and Queensland, the industry holds just a 2.1% workforce share, but an expected growth of 5.9% coming into the future. Programs like the RSL Veterans’ Employment Program connect ex-military employees with mining companies, putting the diverse skills and talents of ADF personnel into jobs from operating heavy machinery to high-risk work.


Most in-demand jobs in mining

  • Drillers, miners and shot firers

  • Metal fitters and machinists

  • Other building and engineering technicians

  • Production managers

  • Mining engineers

Employment Growth Industry: Education and Training

More than just taking home a paycheck, those coming from a military background will like the mission-driven approach that comes with education roles. In an industry that has undergone a huge transformation with COVID-19, new learning approaches - which include online learning - have forced one of Australia’s largest export industries to adapt. If you helped develop programs to assist your ADF colleagues with ongoing training, then the mentoring and teaching aspect of this industry may be right for you.


Most in-demand jobs in education and training

  • School teachers

  • Education aides

  • University lecturers and tutors

  • Private tutors

  • Child carers

Employment Growth Industry: Professional, Scientific, Technical Services


From scientific research and computer systems design to architecture, engineering, legal, and veterinary science, this is a broad industry that currently employs 9.1% of Australia and is expected to see a growth of 16.8% by 2026.


Most in-demand jobs in professional, scientific, technical services 

  • Accounting

  • Software and applications programmers

  • Solicitors

  • Management and organisation analysts

  • Advertising and marketing

Employment Growth Industry: Accommodation and Food Services


If you loved military life on land, sea or air working in the hospitality sector, then your fast-paced work experience and adept interpersonal skills could be just what you need to stand out from the crowd in this industry. With a 13.2% future growth rate, there will no doubt be plenty of jobs in this area.


Most in-demand jobs in accommodation and food services

  • Waiters

  • Kitchenhands

  • Bar attendants and baristas

  • Sales assistant

  • Chefs

The RSL Veterans’ Employment Program can help

If you’re still looking for inspiration for industries you could work in, then reach out to the expert career coaches at RSL Veterans’ Employment Program. From identifying your strengths in the civilian workforce to employer introductions, we’ve got your back every step of the way towards a fulfilling civilian career.